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-417 offers a collection of natural skin care, anti-aging and body products, based on natural active ingredients together with moisture-balancing minerals from the lowest place in the world, The Dead Sea. The company's products represent a breakthrough in the beauty and anti-aging fields in the international marketplace. -417 offers a diversified series of exclusive care products based upon a Vitamin-Mineral Complex, a scientific development based on active natural ingredients imported from France, combined with rich Dead Sea minerals from the lowest place on earth. This complex assists the renewal of skin cells, prevents signs of aging, and provides the maximum nourishment for all skin types and ages. The -417 series are preserved by natural ingredients, are Paraben Free, enriched by essential and natural oils, do not contain Mineral Oil and have immediate visible results.

Why -417? The Dead Sea is the lowest and saltiest place in the world, reaching a depth of 417 meters below sea level. As a result, it creates a healthy environment with minimum radiation that helps to heal, renew and revive the skin cells. It is the only place on the planet that has the lowest saltiest spot on earth, which enables it to contain a large concentration of minerals and salt. The Dead Sea contains 21 minerals out of which 12 are unique solely to the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea has been known as a curing place for diseases such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne.

Thus, -417 provides premium products and unparalleled service to our customers/clients, spas and beauty professionals. Our products embody the place of origin, which is the mystical Dead Sea that is rich in minerals which have the ability to improve the quality of the skin. It holds several centuries of unsurpassed skin rejuvenation techniques which is unique in the Middle East. Combining both ancient knowledge with the phenomenal scientific breakthrough to extensive research center in Belgium. Using botanical ingredients known to nature without harming animals or using any harsh chemical that may harms both our skin and the environment. Our ingredients are hand-picked and hand harvested to ensure premium quality. Every ounce of -417 products receives personal attention to produce and package.


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